Besides a favored shopping location, Chinatown has a long history that includes the pearl industry. Tour pearl showrooms and read the plaques along the way that tell the tale of the town’s early days.

Town Beach

This legendary location provides spectators with the view of the unusual phenomenon locals call the Staircase to the Moon. Stroll along the beach during a full moon, with the water at low tide and see the optical illusion of stairs leading up to the rising moon.

Gantheaume Point

The colourful rock formations and lighthouse offer the chance for memorable photographs. The main attraction at low tide is the dinosaur footprints embedded in the rock that archaeologists believe originated approximately 130 million years ago.

Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park

Initially, a research centre established on Cable Beach, the crocodile park provides a home for varied ages and species of the reptiles that previously wandered into populated areas. See hatchlings to full-grown crocs through feeding demonstrations and staff presentations.

Purnululu National Park

Traveling eastward toward Kununurra, hikers and campers find Purnululu National Park. Accessed by 4WD vehicle, the park presents a range of rock formations shaped similar to beehives known as the Bungle Bungles. Other features of the location include the Cathedral Gorge, the Mini Palms Gorge and the Echidna Chasm.

Argyle Diamond Mine

Operating for four decades, the Argyle Diamond Mind uses open pit and underground mining techniques for acquiring the rare pink diamond. The company also mines champagne, cognac and blue diamonds. Group tours afford visitors the opportunity of hearing and seeing the story behind the mines, the mining process and the diamond viewing room.

Gibb River Road

Spanning 660 kilometres through the middle of Kimberley, the Gibb River Road leads to a number of scenic gorges and the celebrated and most photographed Mitchell Falls. The falls tumble over a series of wide, flattened rock complete with rock shelves on either side of the water. The eight gorges along the road vary in size and all have popular swimming holes.

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Bradshaw Paintings

Archaeologists estimate that the Kimberley regions have tens of thousands of ancient rock carvings and paintings. The largest collection of these includes the Gwion Gwion. At an estimated age of over 70,000 years, the particularly well preserved paintings depict the life and activities of an ancient civilization.

Dreamtime Adventure Tours

Learn about Aboriginal culture first hand from the people established whose ancestors established settlements in the Windjana area. Tours last anywhere from one to five days and include camping beneath the stars. Ride camels along the beach, explore the history and uses of native plants and listen to the dream time stories of the elders.

El Questro Wilderness Park

The park provides the perfect location for adventurers to experience the untamed natural beauty of the Australian Outback. Encompassing over 400,000 hectares toward the eastern Kimberley region, guests find kilometres upon kilometres of paths leading to widely diverse terrain. Campers and daily visitors embark on horseback riding or 4WD tours. Many go barramundi fishing in the estuaries and rivers throughout the park.