Radar image of Cyclone Hilda surrounding Broome
Living in a cyclone area where cyclones track up and down the coast every wet season, sometimes leaves locals a little blase when a yellow alert is given. 

Alert stages are – blue, yellow, red.

I think most locals were surprised by the intensity of the winds which reached up to 120km/h and dumped in excess of 100mm over two days.

Hilda’s centre passed over Broome about 7pm Wednesday night, 27th December, 2017, bringing down some pretty big trees.

Luckily no real damage occurred although the morning revealed the town littered with leaves and branches.

Shire workers clearing broken trees from Chinatown, Broome
Shire workers with their mulcher, trying to clear Chinatown.

Suicide Palms crash down

Sadly 3 grand old palms, planted in 1982 outside the Conti Hotel toppled over during the night.
The corypha utan palms, more commonly known as gebange palms or “suicide palms”, flower only once at the end of their life in a blossoming made up of nearly one million flowers.

Suicide palms crashed down in Cyclone Hilda
Suicide palms top heavy with berries

Old trees uprooted around Broome

Tree smashes into car port, Chippindall Place, Broome
Old fan palm blown over at Matsos
Matso's a popular restaurant little white picket fence smashed by a willow paper bark tree
Uprooted tree on Male Oval, Chinatown, Broome
My backyard, Broome
Old yellow jacaranda blown over on Walcott Street
Uprooted tree smashes fence in Forrest Street, Broome
Uprooted tree at Town Beach, Broome
Uprooted tree next to bridge at Town Beach, Broome