Chinatown - Artists Impression

Chinatown – Artists Impression – Photo copied from The Chinatown Revitalisation Project PDF

Chinatown in Broome has undergone a $12.7 million revamp.  The idea was to reinvigorate the historic, cultural and hospitality centre of our town.

The major improvements aimed to:

  • Traffic calming, shade and improved landscape supporting pedestrian movement;
  • Lighting, street furniture, event infrastructure, public art and entry statements;
  • Improved pathways and connections between Dampier Terrace and Carnarvon Street;
  • Public wifi to be installed throughout; and
  • Crime prevention through lighting and encouraging night time activities.

Information copied from The Chinatown Revitalisation Project PDF

Starting back in October, 2018 the Chinatown Project was supposed to be completed in 3 months.  Both Dampier and Carnarvon Street were closed to traffic, with ever changing detours and frustration for locals.  8 months later the roads have finally been opened again and I am sure shop owners and businesses would have sighed a huge relief.  Why the 2 main streets had to be worked on at the same time, is anyone’s guess.

I guess if the pics below, taken a few days before the grand opening, end up looking like the artist impression above, everyone will forget the endless frustrations.

PS Perhaps I can take some more photos in 12 months time, to see whether the reality matches the promise 🙂