8th June 2019 - Stairs Cable Beach next to Surf Club

If you’ve never traveled to Western Australia then you are truly missing out on some spectacular opportunities. The remote town of Broome is a popular destination for tourists, but it can also be quite appealing to locals as a new place to call home.

Not convinced? Here are the top five reasons that you should move to Broome.


The weather in Broome is warm all year round, with a tropical climate providing perfect beach weather. During summer, the wet season, you will find that Broome is very hot and humid, with heavy rain throughout the summer months.

The dry season will bring clear, blue skies and milder temperatures, providing the perfect weather for exploring the many national parks of Western Australia. If you’re not a fan of the cold then Broome is the perfect place to live. Warm weather all year means it is the perfect place to relax.


Living in Broome means that you’ll get to see a lot of native Australian wildlife up-close and personal. As Broome is far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, there is a lot more local wildlife to be spotted. Locals in Broome will regularly see wallabies and kangaroos with joeys in their pouches.

The Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park is a great place to see Crocodiles safely, or you can see some of the local bird life in the Broome Bird Observatory. If you prefer to see animals out in the wild, there are a range of nature walks in Broome just for that.


The lifestyle in Broome is a lot more relaxed that other areas of Australia. As a thriving tourist destination, a lot of people come here to relax, giving the town a very calm feel to it. You will find that a lot of people spend their downtime swimming, soaking up the sunshine, or catching up with friends over good food and coffee.

If you’re hoping to find somewhere to spend your weekends leisurely exploring the range of beaches, or lying in a hammock enjoying the warm weather, then Broome might be the place for you. Locals love the lifestyle here in Broome.


If you love the beach then you will definitely love Broome. Home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Australia, Broome provides the perfect beachside home. With great weather all year, you can really soak up that beach lifestyle. Swimming, sunbathing, and surfing are all popular activities here.

You will find that Cable Beach is one of the most famous beaches in the area, with breathtaking views and crystal clear water. Cable Beach is very long, stretching 22 km along the edge of Western Australia. If that wasn’t enough, Riddell Beach is another great option right around the corner.