A photo gallery of unique and stunning Kimberley wildflowers .. capparis umbonata, cleome, gorgeous wild hibiscus and beautiful grevilleas.  Some images kindly supplied by Helen Hamlett. I think many people do not realise the unique and diverse range of wildflowers that bloom in the Kimberley all year round. More wildflower images can be found on our sister site, Kimberley Photos.

A recent addition to our Gallery the beautiful Fringed Lily (Thysanotus chinensis) kindly donated by Ross Barnett, photographed at the Mitchell Plateau area near the Drysdale River Station.  The Fringed Lily flowers from April to October.

And my newest additions, the beautiful “Gomphrena flaccida”, more commonly known as the Batchelor Button and the golden, “Senna Costata” and “Crotalaria novae-hollandae”.

I hope you enjoy this collection!  Click on the thumbnails for a larger view. Click on the sides of the images for navigation.

  • Bloodwood Tree Flowers
    Bloodwood Tree Flowers
  • Bush Caper Flower Bauhinia Seed
    Bush Caper Flower Bauhinia Seed
  • Calytrix Exstipulata
    Calytrix Exstipulata
  • Canavalia
  • Capparis Umbonata
    Capparis Umbonata
  • Capparis-Lasiantha
  • Ceriops Tagal
    Ceriops Tagal
  • Cleome
  • Crotalaria novae-hollandae
    Crotalaria novae-hollandae
  • Fringed Lily
    Fringed Lily
  • Gardenia Pyriformis
    Gardenia Pyriformis
  • Gomphrena Flaccida
    Gomphrena Flaccida
  • Gossypium Australe
    Gossypium Australe
  • Grevillea Wickhamii
    Grevillea Wickhamii
  • grevillea wickhamii
    grevillea wickhamii
  • Hakea
  • Hibiscus Leptocladus
    Hibiscus Leptocladus
  • Hybanthus Aurantiacus
    Hybanthus Aurantiacus
  • Ipomoea
  • Keraudrenia
  • Lysiphyllum Cunninghamii
    Lysiphyllum Cunninghamii
  • Mulla Mulla
    Mulla Mulla
  • Persoonia Falcata
    Persoonia Falcata
  • Psoralea Martinii
    Psoralea Martinii
  • Senna Notabilis
    Senna Notabilis
  • Senna Costata
    Senna Costata
  • Solanum Cunninghamii
    Solanum Cunninghamii
  • Spermacoce Auriculata
    Spermacoce Auriculata
  • Striga Curviflora
    Striga Curviflora
  • Velleia panduriformis
    Velleia panduriformis
  • Wattle
  • Acacia
  • Capparis umbonata
    Capparis umbonata