Staircase to the Moon

The Staircase to the Moon, is a natural phenomenon, caused by the rising of a full moon reflecting on the exposed mudflats at extremely low tide – creating a beautiful optical illusion of a staircase reaching up to the moon. This spectacular sight occurs from March through to November.

Over the years I have seen many staircases to the moon, sometimes the tide has left the mudflats so that the staircase is all but miraculous, other times you can see it but it is not always a perfect staircase.

This image was kindly supplied by Damian Kelly Photography.

Staircase Markets

The Staircase Markets are held at the Town Beach Reserve on Robinson Street. Wander around under the stars, sample the tastes of Broome cuisine and take in the spectacular, Staircase to the Moon. A special gift or something to spoil yourself can be found in one of the many exciting stalls.