Broome councillor vows to fight the Gas Hub

Anne Poelina newly elected Councillor to the Broome Shire16th October, 2011 – Great News for a town that has been accused of being “racist” with the newly elected Aboriginal Councillors, Mark Manado and Anne Poelina who ran under the flag of “Nowhere Else but Here” and Philip Matsumo for the Dampier Ward. Elated Councillor, Mark Manado said he was overcome with a sense of pride after the announcement and said the historic involvement of Aboriginal people in local government was “unique in itself in WA and on a national level.”

Ms Poelina vowed to fight Premier Colin Barnett over the proposed gas hub at James Price Point and said she wasn’t going to “take it lying down.”

Anne Poelina quoted prominent Indian philosopher and pacifist Mahatma Ghandi. “First they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win,” she said, receiving cheers and a round of applause. She said it was time for locals to stand up and be counted. “It’s time to look at ourselves – how do we want to be defined as Australians?” “It’s time for the people in the Kimberley to determine how we will develop the region.”