Saltwater Crocodile29th January The “End of an Era” as Broome Crocodile Park closes its doors. After nearly 30 years, a final feeding tour gave the public the last glimpse of the park’s boarders toothy smiles before they are moved to the Wildlife Wilderness Park 16km outside town. Val Douglas was given the honour of closing the gates which have seen a million visitors pass through.

The park was in need of refurbishment but new plans and dreams will be realised with the development of the rammed earth house on the block being utilised as a commercial kitchen and studio spaces for artisans. A cafe will be built under the trees, with the rest of the space given to Broome locals to display arts and crafts. Eventually, new shops will be built as well as a boardwalk, native gardens and food outlets additional resources.

Mrs Douglas was excited about the new venture, saying there was nothing else like it in Cable Beach for tourists and locals to enjoy. “We want it to be a social space … a gas-bag hub,” she said.

A permanent memorial to Mr Douglas is planned and will house artifacts and photographs and showcase his extraordinary life.