Russell Morris - Sharkmouth TourSunday 29th September at the Divers Tavern. Russell is currently enjoying huge success with his latest album Sharkmouth, a collection of tunes written about Australian historical characters. Sharkmouth has held the #1 position on the iTunes Blues Charts since its release in October 2012. It is currently #1 on the Australian Blues Radio Charts and is currently in the top 10 on the National Aria Album Charts.
Pearlers 7 – 10 pm .. Oasis Bar 8-11 pm .. Sports Bar 8.30-11.30 pm

Sunday 29th September

Clint Westwood – Pearlers Bar, Roebuck Hotel  (5.30-8.30pm)
Russel Morris (Sharkmouth Tour) – Divers

Saturday 28th September

Buffalo Honey – Pearlers Bar, Roebuck Hotel
Tijuana Cartel – Divers

Friday 27th September

Stu Harcourt – Pearlers Bar, Roebuck Hotel
Holy Cow – Oasis Bar, Roebuck Hotel
Fraydnot – Divers

Wednesday 25th September

Holy Cow – Divers

Saturday 24th September

Pasco & Cooke – Mercure Inn

Sunday 22nd September

Pasco & Cooke – Pearlers Bar, Roebuck Hotel  (5.30-8.30pm)
Blue Bone Baby – Divers

Saturday 21st September

Mojo Pearl – Pearlers Bar, Roebuck Hotel
Shinju Ball

Friday 20th September

San Cisco – Divers
Pascoe & Cooke – Pearlers Bar, Roebuck Hotel
Fringe World / Funk Band – Oasis Bar, Roebuck Hotel
Scott & Damien – Mercure Inn

Wednesday 18th September

Harcourt & Watkiss – Divers
42 Decibel – Oasis Bar, Roebuck Hotel
Pascoe & Cooke – Pearlers Bar, Roebuck Hotel

Tuesday 17th September

Scott & Damo – Mercure Inn

Sunday 15th September

42 Decibel – Divers
Kids Family Fun Day  – Oasis Bar, Roebuck Hotel (12-4pm)
Buffalo Honey – Pearlers Bar, Roebuck Hotel (5.30-8.30pm)

Saturday 14th September

Caravana Sun – Divers
3½ men – Oasis Bar, Roebuck Hotel
Pasco & Cooke – Pearlers Bar, Roebuck Hotel

Friday 13th September

Caravana Sun – Divers
Pinstripe – Oasis Bar, Roebuck Hotel
Jimmy & The Dog – Pearlers Bar, Roebuck Hotel

Thursday 12th September

Stephen Pigram Trio – Divers

Tuesday 10th September

Pascoe & Cooke – Mercure Inn

Sunday 8th September

The Mexicans – Divers
Clint Westwood – Pearlers Bar, Roebuck Hotel (5.30-8.30pm)

Saturday 7th September

Hells Bells – Divers Tavern
1½ Men- Pearlers Bar, Roebuck Hotel
Spoonful @ Skylla – Oasis Bar, Roebuck Hotel (9pm – midnight)

Friday 6th September

Mettaphor – Pearlers Bar, Roebuck Hotel
42 Decibles – Oasis Bar, Roebuck Hotel
Blue Bone Baby – Divers
Scott & Damo – Mercure

Wednesday 4th September

Few Too Many – Divers
Scott & Damo – Mercure

Sunday 1st September

42 Decibel – Divers Tavern
Stu Harcourt – Pearlers Bar, Roebuck Hotel (5.30-8.30)
Fingers – Oasis Bar, Roebuck Hotel