Broome’s overnight millionaire Update

16th September, 2011 – An update to an earlier post regarding Broome’s overnight millionaire, it seems that the lucky winner was a woman, who almost threw away $1.235 million when she mistook her winning lottery ticket for a piece of rubbish and threw it in the recycling bin.

The woman said she went looking for the ticket after visiting Broome Lottery Centre and finding out they had sold Western Australia’s only Division One winning ticket in Saturday’s $21 million Superdraw.

She said after an extensive search around the house, she doubled-checked the bin where she found the ticket.

“I nearly fell backwards. It all just feels like a dream at the moment. I’m just in shock,” she said. She bought her winning Slikpik 50 ticket about two weeks before the draw after a family friend reminded her about the $21 million offer.