Endeavour sails into Broome

The Endeavour30th August – The tall ship “Endeavour” sits majestically off Cable Beach and is in Broome till Thursday. An exact replica of Captain Cook’s ship MM Bark Endeavour down to the firewood in the potbelly stove which purports to be chopped from the tree growing at Captain Cook’s house in England. There is even a trunnel (wooden nail) which the captain of the space shuttle, Endeavour, took with him as they orbited the earth and then presented it to the captain of the sailing ship, Endeavour, forever linking the 18th century sailing ship to the 20th-century space ship.

She has sailed right around the world and is currently working her way down Western Australia’s coast as she heads back to Sydney by May next year. She will visit another 5 ports along the WA coast as part of a 13-month circumnavigation of the country. The three-masted tall ship is sailed by 16 professional crew and joined by 40 paying “voyage crew” who can sail on specified legs of the journey.