Two Protesters locked in to a 44 gallon drum26th August, 2011 – At 2:00am this morning, a community roadblock stopped the progress of a large convoy of Woodside’s vehicles, including land-clearing and drilling machinery as they tried to return to James Price Point. Woodside are at present unable to move forwards nor backwards due to 4 lock ons. Two are on the Manari Corner and two girls further up the road, are locked into a 44 gallon drum filled with cement. Hostile Environmental Services are blockading the Walmadan Camp. So far, one person has been arrested for refusing bail conditions.

County Mayo Lock-on for solidarity with Broome protesters28th August – Attention has been drawn to the similar plight of residents in County Mayo Ireland and the movie “The Pipe”. Communication between our 2 communities has begun and on Friday, three campaigners staged a lock-on in solidarity. One of those occupying the road said, “I’m doing this in support of a similar protest that took place in Broome Community, Australia last night. This is a powerful way to show that struggles from Ogoniland in Nigeria, to the Tar Sands in Canada, Australia, to Erris, Mayo and now to Australia are linked in common cause.”

This video set in county Mayo, Ireland is such a parallel to our plight.