Labor MP Carol Martin called a “Toxic” Coconut

The Australian Newspaper27th SeptemberLabor MP Carol Martin called a “Toxic” Coconut .. “black on the outside, white on the inside and full of the milk of white man’s money”.

Media has grabbed the story of a slanderous and racist letter written by a well known Broome weirdo who has no affiliation with any of the so called “Greenies”. This letter was brought to attention by the “Australian” Newspaper last week and published as their lead article. Read the article.

Fortunately well respected business man Geoffrey Cousins, Company Director, Activist and Writer, has addressed the “Australian” article with a more educated response. Read the response.

Last week, Kimberley Labor MP Carol Martin announced her retirement before describing radical green groups blocking Woodside workers heading to the site as “lazy” and “ferals”.

29th September – Kimberley MP stands aside after racist slurs. In an article from the Western Australia .. “Kimberley MP Carol Martin, the first indigenous woman to be elected to an Australian parliament, has announced she will not stand for re-election at the March 2013 State poll.

The move comes just weeks after Ms Martin was targeted in a newsletter campaign across her electorate referring to her and other Indigenous leaders as “toxic coconuts” and “Woodside’s money hungry coconuts” because of their support of the James Price Point gas hub.

“This is the worst racial vilification that’s been directed against me in my life, and I have had it all, believe me, but this is the worst,” Ms Martin told 6PR last week.” Read the article

If this is the worst racial vilification she has had directed against her in her life, I myself and many of my friends have often been called a gardia c**t when walking or driving around Broome. Racial prejudice is always hurtful and should not exist in a place where the vast majority of us have respect for each other. There will always be the narrow minded and uneducated in our societies.