2015 Salt Water Music FestivalThe 3rd Saltwater Music Festival (Wet Season) is on again at Diver’s Tavern on Saturday the 31st of January from 7pm to 11pm and Sunday the 1st of February from 12pm to 9pm.trevordiy.wordpress.com

Widely supported by Broome locals who enjoy the chance to catch up with friends after their holidays and before the school year starts, the Festival is an opportunity for musicians and music fans to appreciate the originality and quality of the regions unique music.

This year the festival features an all-Western Australian line-up.

Headlining is local celebrity and saltwater son Steve Pigram, fresh from headlining the Illawarra Folk Festival and Yaban Festival in Sydney, well-loved Western Australian roots musician Carus Thompson and 16 local bands and original solo acts.

This year the festival has attracted attention from the Australian performing Rights Association (APRA) who is sending their representatives to help local songwriters register and take advantage of Government support for the Australian Music Industry.

The Western Australian Music Industry regional representatives are similarly curious as to exactly what it is we have going in the remote Kimberley that produces so many musicians of high quality. Word is out and their coming to see what all the fuss is about.

Completely funded by ticket sales with support from Divers Tavern, the locally inspired and organised festival is an important opportunity for aspiring bands and songwriters to perform to a full house and feel the rush of adrenaline they get from the overwhelmingly positive atmosphere of the Saltwater stage.

This year the festival will feature two stages in order to seamlessly showcase so many of the regions finest.  Guests will have ample cold water and fans available to make this premier wet-season event an enjoyable experience.

Special guests this year are the elusive Freddy and Yvonne Cox from Beagle Bay, whose timeless renditions of Old classics and perfect harmonies are only ever enjoyed by lucky guests on their home verandas.

The Saltwater stage is also proud to feature the first ever public performances by the handsome Kohwin Bin Sali, and ‘Teen Cult’: featuring local Broome teenager Yura, who has singlehandedly attracted the attention of national youth broadcaster JJJ and Melbourne management through the quality of her songs.

We also welcome the fantastic ‘Emu Rock’ band from Bidyadanga, and the soulful ‘Cloud Band’ from Coconut Wells, their first ever Broome gigs. They are a fresh addition to the line-up of favourite Kimberley acts: Mervyn Mulardy’s Yatangal, Naomi Pigram, Shoveller Band, Billard Boys, Ashley Oobagooma, Nelson O’Reeri, Red Alert, Tanya Ransom, Albert Wiggan and The Mexicans.

Tickets are $15 for Saturday night and $30 for Sunday. Contact Festival Director Tonchi McIntosh for further enquiries mobile: 0477277162 or email: saltwatermusicfestival@gmail.com