Gas Hub Protestor, Scott Daines perched 30 m up a coms tower

Scott Daines perched on a communications tower near James Price Point21st October – A big day for defenders of country. Scott Daines, a NSW man has scaled a 30 metre communications tower near James Price Point early this morning in protest over the proposed gas hub at James Price Point. Police efforts to coax him down have so far been unsuccessful. Mr Daines was arrested last month after spending nearly 8 hours perched up an eight-metre bamboo pole at the site.

Scott Daines perched 30 m up a coms tower22nd OctoberSooty descends his tower 39.5 hours and Scott Daines, nicknamed Sooty came down the coms tower which is radioactive, after Phillip Roe (traditional owner and Senior Lawman), requested him to do so. This message was posted on facebook “A great effort and a big lesson for Woodside Hostile Security Force – do not go to sleep because the No Gas Community will never surrender Country. We are getting bigger, better and braver.” Sooty is on his way to police lock-up.