9th July – Watch this footage! Dave Dureau a 76 year old respected bushman and environmentalist has his face pushed in the dirt, his arms handcuffed behind his back, and is dragged off while trying to protect country. More than 100 protesters clashed with uniformed police and officers from the regional operations group about 3pm, resulting in 25 arrests.

David Dureau said he arrived at the site just as police formed an arrowhead flanking a convoy of vehicles which started moving towards the human blockade.

Bulldozers have already been in and cleared bush straight over heritage listed sites. The Department of Indigenous Affairs had briefed the police that their investigations needed time in order to get their requests for information from the offending parties: Kimberley Land Council, Woodside and their contractors. I did not know our Police Force was for hire by the Government and Oil companies, I guess I do now. Today the DIA was granted 2 days to complete their enquiries and Woodside has agreed to temporarily stop clearing.