Helicopter Meme
With meme’s like this floating around on Broome’s facebook social page,

is it time for a rethink?

Nearly 4 years ago I posted information about the broome airport relocation and from a poll located on the page, it seems the residents of Broome, at the time, voted in favour of the airport staying where it is.

Perhaps a new lot of votes is needed?

With nearly 20 takeoffs and landings in the space of an hour, conversation becomes difficult at certain times of the day, with planes and helicopters starting at 5.45 a.m. 

No longer are alarm clocks needed!

With Shell’s LNG Floating Platform (the largest offshore facility ever constructed), about to get in full swing, helicopter noise is about to be ramped up even more.

“Broome International Airport” and no international flights.  The Economics and Industry Standing Committee is investigating regional airfares to assess the impact sky-high fares have had on business, tourism and relationships in WA’s regional centres..

Many people have visions of what could be done with the airport land that divides the town.  My personal vision is to see an ecological plan for cafes, gardens, boutique shops, a cultural centre, places to sit, places for kids to play, market stalls .. close to cable beach and the resorts.

Anybody wishing to make a complaint or get information, can ring this number .. Airservices Australia Noise Complaints and Information Service Hotline: 1800 802 584.

I have personally rung this hotline number and the outcome suggested to me was that individuals affected by airport noise, fill in their online form, Click Here and have on hand times and dates of airport takeoff and landings.  There are no regulations within Australian Law for operating hours but a curfew can be obtained, though only 4 airports in Australia have them .. Sydney, Essendon, Gold Coast and Adelaide.  They informed me that they have been receiving many phone calls regarding Broome Airport.

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