Dinosaur Footprints,James Price Point12th July – There’s nothing like it in the world! Dr Steve Salisbury, from the University of Queensland, has recently been on country surveying the dinosaur footprints, along the very coast where Woodside and the State Government want to build the biggest LNG Processing Hub in the world. Using modern technology to map and photograph the prints and scientific knowledge to understand the environment. Magic happens, even in our modern world. The day that the trackways were revealed like silver mirror prints, the tide was right, the sun at the right angle. These trackways are like a snapshot back in time and can reveal such things as: Were they in herds? How quickly were they traveling? Were they traveling alone, or were they part of a family group? What were they eating? People from Broome are fighting to protect the prints. We need to get this knowledge to everyone before its too late. Have your say in our online poll in the sidebar!