The proposal for a Casino has been on the burner for some time now, with many locals passionately against whilst many others think it will be the saviour for Broome’s economic growth.

Here’s what some of our locals had to say

Maryanne Martin

If it does come to Broome, provided it is monitored properly, it could be a good thing.  I am business person and I hope they look for indigenous people to have employment there and not bring in outsiders.  You have aboriginal people who have done Certificate IV in hospitality and also security.  I run a security company and so if tenders do come, they will look in favour of our business, that has been already running for 5 years.  With regards to anti-social gambling and stuff, its up to the people themselves, to not chuck all their money and go boozing up at the casino.  It will be like an education, they will have to be well dressed, there are laws, gardia way.  Its a bit of a yes and no no for me but its all about putting it in the right place, employing the right people, and not putting everything in their pocket but thinking of the locals gabapentin dosage.  People are responsible for their actions.  I wouldnt like kids to go without food or people to be facing the courts because of gambling and anti-social behaviour issues.  They should have public transport so that people can come home safely, its about safety and risk.  They gotta work in with the locals, the community, the Kimberley community, cos its gonna be a one stop shop, oh casino in Broome, lets go! and no more this friendly get together where they play cards, its gonna be whole different ball game.

Kevin Smith

‘Cable Beach’ is very general, which means a definitive statement on location is difficult to make. I would not support the building of a casino that has a detrimental impact on the natural values of Cable Beach and the adjoining Coastal Park and their associated ecosystems.

Nor would I support it if it impacted negatively on the general amenity of the region for beach users.
I would add that I would not support the establishment of a casino at all if there is any possibility of it contributing to social problems in the town.

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