The KimberleyThe Kimberleys have long been touted as one the “last remaining wilderness in the world” and with good reason.  With so much of it still unexplored, mainly due to its inaccessibility, scientists and conservationists are still discovering new species in flora and fauna. 

With a huge win for environmentalists last week where the Mitchell Falls were made part of a 5 million hectare Kimberley National Park which includes a network of land and marine parks. Read more ..

An article from ABC News

A botanical expedition to a far flung part of the Kimberley has found a rare white water lily, an insectivorous plant that’s turned vegetarian and five species of plants new to science.

“The Kimberley is one of the great botanic biodiversity frontiers in the world,” says Professor Kingsley Dixon, one of Western Australia’s leading botanists.

The joint expedition between Kings Park Botanical Gardens, Curtin University and University of WA chose to explore Prince Regent National Park at the end of the wet season when a different range of plants would be flowering.

Professor Dixon, who divides his time between Kings Park in Perth and Curtin Uni, says the Kimberley is the centre of water lily diversity for the world, with more species than anywhere else.
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