The Yawuru Playground located in the new Palmer Road Development is an absolute disgrace.  Far from being a lovely little playground which I admit it could have been except for the disgusting behaviour of the anti-social behaviour of the few.

As you can see from these photos, there is grafitti everywhere, there are used condoms littered everywhere, the slide has been burnt to the ground and in the past few months over 5 used needles have been found buried in the sand.

I have contacted Yawuru on many occasions but have never received a call back although I did receive a reply to an email saying that they were aware of my concerns and valued my feedback, yeah right.

The question needs to be asked .. WHO IS RESPONSIBLE?? Is it the shire, is it yawuru, or is it nobodys responsiblity.  What are we waiting for .. will it take some little kid to be infected by a used needle before action is taken?  Maybe we should ask Monique?

I have suggested to Yawuru that cameras be installed and the sand be replaced by rubber like at town beach but so far NOTHING!!